Nearly twenty years ago, the Village Council studied the issue, hired professional help in doing so and determined that our Village Hall and Police Station were in need of replacement. We knew then like we know now that this is a real need. The time to act is now.

Recognizing the potential to not only meet the needs of our police and village staff, but also to  work with a new employer providing a desirable amenity which will help strengthen the vibrancy of our downtown, in 2015 I was the sole proponent of the plan we’re now likely to pursue.

We have recently entered into an agreement with LFI to redevelop our Municipal Property resulting in a new Village Hall, New Police Station, new Medical Office Building to serve our community and new Town Homes furthering our long-standing goal of a diverse housing stock that leverages our transportation-oriented location asset.

Since 2009, I’ve been the strongest advocate for moving forward on this issue. And while we’ve taken a step in the right direction, the road to completion will not be easy. My focus on service rather than politics, my experience in the construction industry and my commitment to fulfilling these needs will help us get a project that improves our Village, provides for long-term professional solutions and minimizes the impact on residents.

It’s entirely possible we can do this project without raising property taxes. Let’s move forward, solve this nearly two-decade old problem, improve the safety of the Washington Street railroad crossing, add amenities to our community and move into the future more confident than ever.