Illinois is a mess. Those who have served in Springfield have made things worse for every one of us with their inability to address the State’s financial problems. They can point at each other all they want and give us a list of the obstacles they face – but that doesn’t help Downers Grove.

Increasingly, we can expect to be responsible for our own future and efforts like those we’ve put forth during my time serving our Community will be increasingly necessary.

For the last 10 years Downers Grove has done more with less. We’ve adjusted operations, restructured debt, instituted new revenue streams, cut personnel and partnered with both private and public entities to innovate the way we deliver service – all while improving our community at every step. We provide value; the VoDG is consistently tops among our suburban peers in terms of service and lifestyle while remaining near the bottom in terms of cost.

Our future holds fantastic opportunity. And it will be up to us to innovate, change and adapt. We can excel. We can continue to offer top quality services and we can remain a value within DuPage County.

A leader unencumbered by political aspirations or ties to outside influence is necessary. Someone focused on our Community first is a must. Let’s take charge of our own future, together.