No problem is more talked about than Storm Water.

It attacks our property and ruins our peace of mind. How many of us wake with a start when the lightning hits immediately trying to figure out if the power is still on? How many trips to the basement do we take to check things while it rains? How many rolls of carpet have we put on the curb?

This issue isn’t going away soon. And global climate change suggests the severity and swings of storms are increasing. More frequent and more severe storms mean will challenge our existing systems and overwhelm those areas that where no systems exist. It will take focused, dedicated effort for years to come. And no one on the Council over the last decade has been a more consistent advocate of the Village doing more.

Recently, I led and pushed for ordinance changes related to new construction which should help over time. But more – much more – is needed. Mitigating the effects of storm water is not easy and requires a long-term commitment to difficult work. Let’s double down on these efforts and work together to bring comfort and peace of mind to more of our community.