As an engineer Bob enjoys solving problems. He has long felt – and long demonstrated that any community (Village, church, club, sport, organization, etc.) is at its best when itsmembers find ways to serve the community with their particular talents and expertise. Bob believes we can do more if public servants recognize how politics distracts from more efficient and effective decision making processes. As the only candidate focused on people and process in this race, Bob wants to use his experience, love of problem solving and attention to detail to help our community innovate and improve the expert services our residents rely on and expect will always be there.


Financial stability and sustainability. Candidates for office may cite a variety of very real issues such as service levels, stormwater, Village facilities, for example, but at our most basic, the Village is a service organization obligated to provide services to our residents. The provision of those services is entirely dependent upon having the financial resources necessary. In short we have four sources of revenue providing our Village funding, three of which are in a declining or flat state and through no fault – and also no control – of our own. And that situation is likely to remain. Both sides of the ledger will have to be constantly considered, reexamined and innovated upon in order for us to continue to provide and improve the services our residents deserve and expect.

Additional consolidation and/or cooperation with other entities – both public and private – as we deliver services is a must. We have to make certain we are providing services in the most cost efficient manner even if it means we change who delivers those services. More Here


The Village of Downeres Grove provides value to its residents. The Village of Downers Grove is in the top 5% or better in terms of Fire Service Public Protection Clasification, top 5% or better Police Department Accredidation and we have the highest municipal credit rating. We are one of only 23 communities in all of Illinois to have a AAA credit rating and one of a very few to achieve all three of these high standards. And, here in DuPage County, out of 39 municipalities we have one of the lowest 5 tax burdens. More Here


Village services are about 9.5% of your tax bill. If you have a $10k tax bill, $950 of that bill pays for police, fire and public services. Over the last 8 years of Bob’s time on the Village Council, property taxes for operations have remianed flat.

Our goal must be to provide the services our residents expect and do so in a way that minimizes the cost to those residents. Property taxes in particular, are a revenue stream which should be minimized as it works against folks ability to purchase or remain in their homes. 


No one has worked harder at solving flooding in the Village than Bob. It’s an important topic and Bob was the primary supporter of the recent change to stop new construction projects from flooding neighbors. During Bob’s 10 years on the Council, we’ve spent nearly $30M on infrastructure and we’ve seen a lot of improvements. And Bob’s committed to continuing to work at this problem. More Here


Bob was the first on the Council to recognize that downtown development needed attention to right-size progress for our community. The rules which allowed the giant buildings that many dislike were in place since 1965. Bob lead the discussion and ultimately the changes which were made last fall that effectively draw a line in the sand and prevent additional over-building from creeping into our neighborhoods.